Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Green Wrap

I've always loved a simple wrap. They're fast and easy to make and work well on the go. This past summer I started experiementing with different vegetarian combination wraps, and I fell in love with the flavors in this wrap in particular. I made this green wrap with a spinach tortilla (gluten free), hummus, fresh baby spinach, avocado, cucumber, and quinoa with zucchini and parsley--all healthy, all yummy, almost all green.

Ahead of time, I cooked a cup of quinoa with zucchini and parsley. This quantity of quinoa allows me to have a healthy source of protein to use in different dishes for up to five days. There are quite a few quinoa tutorials out there, but the most important piece of advice I have for cooking quiona is rinse the quinoa well before you start cooking it.

When I am ready to make the wrap, I put down a piece of parchment paper to help with rolling the wrap and eating on the go. I also slice the cucumber and avocado and set out the spread for easy assembly.

I spread the hummus on first as a type of glue for the other ingredients.

Then, I add the spinach, avocado, cucumber and top with the quinoa.

Finally, I wrap it with help from the parchment paper and am ready to enjoy lunch.

Let me know if you give this wrap or another green variation a try. Happy eating, y'all!

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